Local Food Tastes Great Fundraiser

Over the past year and a half, Farmshed has expanded how it serves our community. You may have seen the Rotary Club Chili Fundraiser, the UWSP Mac & Cheese Sale, and even the Buy One, Give One weekly soups and meals. The one program we haven’t updated yet is our Local Food Taste Great Fundraiser. Due to the unknowns of Covid and some much needed revamp time, we won’t be hosting the Local Food Taste Great fundraiser this fall. 


As we evaluate the Local Food Tastes Great Fundraiser and the viability it provides to the producers and Farmshed, watch for smaller fundraising events that Farmshed will have throughout the fall as a way to continue supporting Farmshed and our local producers. We will continue to offer fundraising opportunities using our online platform to raise money for any cause or organization of your choosing. Visit the Community Fundraising page on our website for details. For more information, please reach out to info@farmshed.org


As always, thank you for your continued support of Farmshed. 


Central Rivers Farmshed