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Welcome to the Farmshed Community Kitchen!

If you are an aspiring food business entrepreneur that would like to start a business rooted in the use of local foods, Farmshed can offer commercial kitchen space so that you can acquire your licensing and start producing your artisan food.


View our Kitchen Rental Policy for further information and details about our principles and guidelines.


If you are interested in running your business out of Farmshed’s kitchen, contact us at (715) 544-6154
or and we will get in touch!

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Frozen Assets

Farmshed uses the commercial kitchen for our Frozen Assets program.  We order produce from local, certified organic CSA farms prior to growing season, then process and freeze it here in the kitchen with the help of volunteers throughout the growing season.  This bounty of frozen vegetables is sold through shares following a community supported agriculture model, and at select retail locations.  Learn more about Frozen Assets and how you can get involved here.

Sib Pab at Farmshed

Sib Pab (Helping Hands) meal program is a partnership between Farmshed and CAP Services Hmong UPLIFT Program. Through Sib Pab, we are providing culturally appropriate meals to Hmong elders and disabled community members who’s care has been impacted by COVID-19. Click here to learn more about the Sib Pab meal program.

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