Wisconsin summer, right in your freezer.

Limited Time Only! Farmshed’s Spring Veggie Sale!

We’re clearing out the pantry and freezer, it’s sure to be a spring pleaser! Farmshed is selling locally grown, organic, vegetables — frozen or jarred — for a steal! Mix and match any 5 of our Frozen Assets for $25. That’s not all. Mix and match any 4 of our jarred Hand Packed Harvest goods for $25 as well!

To fill out an online form and view available products, follow the link below:

Spring Veggie Sale Online Order Form

*Please note that some vegetables may be sold out by the time your order is placed*

Thank you!

Frozen Assets 2017/2018 – Sign up for your share today!

Wondering how you can savor the tastes of summer even during the winter? Welcome to Frozen Assets, Farmshed’s frozen veggie program. We will freeze and package vegetables picked during the peak of ripeness and then distribute them to you all winter long.

How does it work?

  1. Farmshed placed orders in the spring for bulk produce with Certified Organic partner farmers in the Local Food Buying Club.
    • Field Notes Farm
    • Red Door Family Farm
    • Stoney Acres Farm
    • Whitefeather Organics
  2. Farmshed members will be offered shares of Frozen Assets (a collection of vegetables that have been frozen at the peak of freshness), mimicking a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) model.  
    • A limited number of whole (100 lbs of frozen vegetables) and half shares (50 lbs of frozen vegetables) will be available.
    • As produce items come in throughout the growing season (see attached schedule) the Farmshed Kitchen Coordinator and willing members will break them down, process, and package them into Frozen Assets.
    • Participating shareholders will receive $10 off at the end of season for each kitchen session worked. Non-shareholder volunteers will receive a voucher for 2 Frozen Assets products at the season’s end for each kitchen session worked.
    • Shares will be available for member pick up starting November 15th and will go until March 22nd at two locations. Members also have the option to pick up all of their shares at once!
      • Farmshed in Stevens Point
      • Family Natural Foods in Wisconsin Rapids
  3. Additional product will be sold to the public at Winter Farmers Markets.

What produce was chosen for this year?

Green Beans, Broccoli, Carrots, Cauliflower, Corn, Sweet Peppers, Potatoes, Summer Squash, Tomatoes, and Butternut Squash

What is the cost of a share and what will members get?

Full Share – 10 lbs every other week (1lb of each vegetable listed above)

                    – 10 pick ups = 100 lbs – $500

Half Share – 10 lbs once per month (1lb of each vegetable listed above)

                     – 5 pick ups = 50 lbs – $250

How do you sign up?  

  • Click the following link to sign up for a Frozen Assets share, or come by Farmshed to fill out a paper form!

What forms of payment are accepted?

  • Cash
  • Check
  • FoodShare/EBT (contact Farmshed to learn more about this option)

Why Start the Frozen Assets Program?

  • Funding from the USDA Local Food Promotion Program in 2016 enabled us to finish the Farmshed Community Kitchen and develop a food processing model that will help sustain it long term.
  • People have requested more ways to access local vegetables in the winter, this is one, small solution to the short WI growing season.
  • Working directly with farmers to set fair prices and contracting for product ahead of the season helps to build an equitable food system.
  • In a 2015 community survey, 84% of responders reported that they were most interested in freezing as a preservation technique.
  • Freezing food at peak harvest preserves nutrients almost to the level of their fresh counterparts.

Purchase Individual 1lb Packages of our Frozen Assets!

  • You can still enjoy Frozen Assets without signing up for a share! Stop by Farmshed to see what products are available for purchase!

Frozen Assets 2017-2018  Sharehoder Pick Up Schedule

See the attachment below for shareholder pick up schedules at Central Rivers Farmshed in Stevens Point and at Family Natural Foods in Wisconsin Rapids.

2017-2018 Frozen Assets Pick Up Schedule

News Alert!

Farmshed’s Frozen Assets Program was featured on WSAW’s Sunrise 7 – Farm to Fork Segment on February 13th, 2017.  Check it out:


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1) Locally grown food tastes better. 2) Local food preserves genetic diversity. 3) Local produce is better for you. 4) Local food from small farms is often GMO-free. 5) Local food supports local farm families. 6) Local food builds community. 7) Local food preserves open space. 8) Local food keeps your taxes in check. 9) Local food supports a clean environment and benefits worldwide. 10) Local food is about the future.


The Greenhouse Project, an all-encompassing revitalization of the former Sorenson’s Garden Center. The 35,000 square foot future community food center, which is centrally located in Stevens Point, will house an 11,000 square foot production greenhouse, community kitchen, gathering space, and learning center.
6/24/17 - Market Events
Stevens Point Farmers’ Market, Stevens Point WI
7/1/17 - Market Events
Stevens Point Farmers’ Market, Stevens Point WI
7/1/17 - Chef on the Square - Emy J's
Stevens Point Farmers’ Market, Stevens Point WI