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Cultural Food Security

Sib Pab (SHEE-PAH) started in 2020 to serve Hmong elders and those with disabilities who lacked access to culturally appropriate food. Today, we are still delivering meals to elders and are entering our second year of serving cultural lunches to Hmong students at SPASH. Our program has seen a 60% increase in participation of students from the fall of 2021 to the fall of 2022. Our long term goal for Farmshed is to begin serving meals from other cultures to better represent the student body, and hire contracted workers from those cultural backgrounds to cook them.

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Student testimonials of SIb Pab

“I feel less ashamed to have my cultural foods now that it is provided by a school partnership.”


“I feel a greater sense of belonging with people from other backgrounds.”


“I look forward to school more knowing that Tuesdays I get a Sib Pab lunch.”


“Having this program makes me excited that we, diverse students, can have our traditional food for lunch!”


“I enjoy this program because it makes me feel good to be myself in an accepting community program.”


“Having access to this program has given me the opportunity to experience my culture in a space where it can be hard to be Hmong.”


“The program is a wonderful way to have Hmong food at school instead of just at home.”

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