Local Food For All Summer 2021 Campaign

The Wisconsin growing season is in full swing, and we are eagerly awaiting the summer harvest to begin. We need your help this growing season. With your support we will purchase not just local produce to be used fresh, but also to be processed by our amazing volunteers to be stored so Farmshed can provide local produce to our partners even in the winter months. Your summer campaign donation helps us secure local produce at its peak ripeness so our partner programs participants receive the highest quality produce. Our Farmers are busy and with your help we will be too!

Farmshed has built partnerships that incorporate locally grown products into existing food assistance programs, including:

  • Mobile Pantry of Portage County, Farmshed ensures rural residents of Portage County receive locally sourced food assistance.
  • CAP’s Hmong UPLIFT Program, ensuring Hmong elders and disabled residents have access to culturally appropriate meals with locally sourced food.
  • Salvation Army Hope Center Meal Program, ensuring shelter residents and community members have healthy meals.

Your donation will help Farmshed continue to grow its programs and provide our community with healthy locally grown food, while supporting our famers.

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Farmshed & Polito’s Pizza Sale

The home of the BIG slice goes local big time! Polito’s Pizza has prided itself on sourcing the highest quality Wisconsin cheese. Help us stack your local farms right on top of that delicious cheese!

The sale begins Friday, May 28th and will end on Sunday, June 27th. Order pickup will be on Thursday, July 1st and Friday, July 2nd at Farmshed. Curbwise delivery is available for those who live within a 5-mile range of Farmshed!

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Farmshed Partners to Raise Funds and Feed Families in Need!

Farmshed is pleased to partner with community groups to raise funds and feed families in need. If you are a community group interested in learning more, please call Jenny at (715) 544-6154.

Current Programs

Buy One – Give One

We are so excited to announce our newest program: Buy One Give One! When you purchase a meal or quart of soup from Farmshed, you are raising money to help ensure nutritious local food into food security efforts. We believe everyone has the right to access local food, and we thank you for your purchase. We will have a weekly rotating menu, so if you do not like what you see this week, check back next week!

Here’s how it works: a new soup or meal will launch on Thursdays. Place your order by the following Monday night for pick up or delivery on Wednesday. Curbwise LLC is available to deliver your order if you live within a 5-mile range of Farmshed. Click the button to learn more about the program and to see what soup/meal we have this week!

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Farmshed's Commitment to an Inclusive Local Food Community

Access to healthy local food is important, but alone it is not enough. We see this as an opportunity to be challenged to realize the inclusive community of farmers, entrepreneurs, businesses, and impassioned eaters that is essential to becoming a resilient local food community. We are looking forward to discussing your commitment, your ideas, and your questions. Please reach out to Jeremy Solin, Farmshed’s Board Chair at jjsolin@hotmail.com or Executive Director Jenny Riggenbach at jenny@farmshed.org.

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