Healthy, Locally Grown Food For All

Before COVID-19, 34% of Portage County families were already struggling to afford basic necessities, including food. Food pantry demand doubled as a result of the economic impact of COVID-19, and major distruptions of national food distribution systems have clarified the importance of short food supply chains for food security and community resilience.

This summer, we are raising $25,000 from generous community members like you to solidify these programs that broaden the reach of our healthy, locally grown food to those in need. Caring for the health and wellbeing of our neighbors keeps our family and cooperatively owned farms thriving.

To that end, Farmshed has built partnerships that incorporate locally grown products into existing food assistance programs, including:

  • Mobile Pantry of Portage County, ensuring rural residents of Portage County have access to food assistance.
  • CAP’s Hmong UPLIFT Program, ensuring Hmong elders and disabled residents have access to culturally appropriate meals.
  • Salvation Army Hope Center Meal Program, ensuring shelter residents and communitiy members have healthy meals.

Your donation will help Farmshed grow its programs and provide our most vulnerable families with healthy locally grown food, while supporting our famers.

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Farmshed's Commitment to an Inclusive Local Food Community

Access to healthy local food is important, but alone it is not enough. We see this as an opportunity to be challenged to realize the inclusive community of farmers, entrepreneurs, businesses, and impassioned eaters that is essential to becoming a resilient local food community. We are looking forward to discussing your commitment, your ideas, and your questions. Please reach out to Jeremy Solin, Farmshed’s Board Chair at or Executive Director Jenny Riggenbach at

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An Afternoon with Chef C and the Whitefeathers on the Farm
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