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Growing a Resilient Local Food Economy

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CReate & Farmshed @ Maria DR.


As you may know Farmshed and CREATE Portage County have been given an opportunity by the Sisters of Saint Joseph to increase the capacity to carry out the organizational missions. This has been a long process but it no doubt is a big project. The time of gaining temporary occupancy is approaching fast. As the talented trade's crews are focused on finishing up the non-profit section of the entire development.  

Leadership teams for both organizations are actively engaging and providing tours to local businesses regularly as we continue to campaign for funding to activate this truly remarkable space. Farmshed is excited to gain a big leap in infrastructure to be able to serve a crucial role in bringing  our local Farmers greater opportunity in accessing value-added markets. The mantra for staff is "we are here to work for farmers" The future is bright and the generosity of many has already pushed this project this far. 

If you would like to be apart of cultivating collaborations and create a hub for innovation and creativity you can donate now.

If you have any questions regarding this campaign please do not hesitate to contact Trevor Drake via email


Growing Collective Plant Sale

Spring has arrived, which means the Growing Collective Plant Sale is just around the corner! Get your gardens off to a great start with any of our 250+ varieties of vegetables, herbs, native plants, and more!

Click HERE for more information.

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