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How you can advocate for the continuance of the Badger Box program.

Badger Boxes was originally supported by American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds to begin the program in 2022, approximately $5 million dollars spent on Wisconsin sourced food and infrastructure for distribution. The funds originally were only going to last until December 2022, which would end the program. However, due to grassroots advocacy efforts, including calling the office to Governor Tony Evers (and jamming the phone lines). Governor Evers granted an extension of the program, giving an unanticipated $5 million dollars to extend the program through June 2023.

Now, The Hunger Task Force and Badger Box distribution sites have been advocating for the program to receive more permanent funding in the 2023 state budget. This budget is decided upon by the governor and state legislature.

We encourage all to advocate on behalf of the Badger Box program, whether you use the box, know someone who uses the program, are a volunteer, or are looking for a way to support the community.

You can submit an opinion to Governor Evers here.

Call the Madison office at (608)-266-1212

Call state legislators directly here: type in your address and you will receive your districts representation

Call the legislative hotline at 1-800-362-9472

Badger Boxes serve:

  • Low/ constrained income households

  • Seniors

  • Veterans

  • Working class

  • Single parents/ families

  • College students

Badger Boxes source 100% of their food from Wisconsin farms. Since the beginning of the program some farms experienced growth that required them to hire staff or improve their current infrastructure to keep up with the demand.

To learn more about Badger Boxes and it’s process, please seed the resources below:

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