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Flowers For Food Security

A new program is starting to “blossom” in Farmshed! Farmshed’s AmeriCorps member, Maddie, is teaming up with local flower farm, Fields and Flora, to help promote pollinator habitats, beautify a vacant lot, and fundraise for food security! Flowers For Food Security is a new program that is designed to uplift local, non-food related farmers AND support Farmshed’s current food security programs like Sib Pab, Mobile Pantry, and Badger Boxes. How are we doing this?

Farmshed's property includes our main office building, the greenhouse, and a lot on Union Street. The Union Lot mostly been untouched, except for a compost bin. After some brainstorming between Trevor and Maddie about how to bring more purpose to the lot, Flowers for Food Security was drummed up! The program's main appeal Farmshed's ability to engage with farmers who do not grow food and still have them participate in our ever-growing food security programs. Fields and Flora, who have a close connection with Farmshed and are a newer Stevens Point business, were just as excited about this new opportunity as Farmshed!

Farmshed’s AmeriCorps member will work alongside Fields and Flora and plant native wildflowers in the Union lot. These flowers will be harvested and made into bouquets that will be sold at the Appleton Farmers Market (where Fields and Flora sell). 5% of the sales from the bouquets made with flowers from the Union Lot will go directly back into Farmshed’s food security program, the rest being given to Fields and Flora.

Don’t go to the Appleton Farmers Market? No problem! A limited supply of bouquets will be available for purchase in Farmshed! More details about the program will be available closer to the growing season, including what flowers are being grown, when you can start buying bouquets, and if we need any volunteer help!

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