On-Site Programs

**This page is currently under construction, please forgive outdated information check back soon for current updates**

Kitchen – Frozen Assets (July-December)

The kitchen is now processing local organic vegetables for our Frozen Asset program.  Individuals seeking experiences in vegetable processing and preserving are welcome to join us. As a thank you for your involvement, volunteers will be entered to win 5lbs of frozen produce for every 3.5 hour shift volunteered. Two winners will be picked each month from July through December.  To learn more about Frozen Assets, purchase your own share or sign up for a volunteer shift  visit our program page here.

Growing Collective (January-June)

There are many ways to get involved with this group whether you would like to join us for a workday or become a member to earn plants for your personal, school or community garden. Registration is open now through March 15th! Check out the Growing Collective program page for more details of how to enroll as a 2018 member.

General Members: join with a commitment of service hours in exchange for  vegetable and herb plants for their personal gardens.

Committee Members: meet year-round to maintain and improve the program and is composed of many leaders in roles of: Facilitation, Budget & Finance, Facilities, Communication & Promotion,  Plant Sale, Seeds & Planting, Transplanting, Member Distribution, and general members interested in learning and helping more.

School or Community Garden Members: Each year organizations enroll with the Collective to earn plants for their school or community gardens and volunteers from those groups contribute along side other members and volunteers to fulfill the organization’s commitment. The number of organizations is currently limited but if your organization would like to get involved to earn plants, reach out to us to discuss the possibilities.

General Volunteers: Whether you want to join us to see if the Collective may be right for you or you just want to contribute to the success of our program while learning a few things, join us when you can with no commitments.

Group Opportunities: more to come soon!

To receive updates about membership enrollment and volunteer opportunities, send an email stating your interest to growingcollective@farmshed.org.

Compost Crew (March-November)

Join us to learn about compost a while helping us maintain and improve our compost area. Currently, the compost crew processes food waste from our own kitchen and transform it into compost to be used supplementally by the Growing Collective. Whether you are passionate about learning about reducing food waste in landfills or getting some hand on learning about the process while turning local scraps into quality compost, join us a volunteer with the Compost Crew, email compost@farmshed.org.

Site Maintenance (Continuous)

We can always use the help of volunteers to help us keep our site clean, updated and organized. Below are some projects and tasks that we are seeking volunteers for.


Shelves in Greenhouse– each year in the spring we use the greenhouse space to grow vegetable and herb starts. Community members return pots and trays that they purchase from our annual Plant Sale and we are in need of more shelves to organize and store the supplies we have. Ideal timing for project: August-October

Shelf Installation in Office– We acquired metal shelving units from Operation Bootstrap last winter but haven’t had the manpower to install them yet. Shelves have rust damage from moisture so will need to be sanded and painted before installation.


Weed and Pest Management (Summer-Fall)

Flower beds make way for our ornamental and edible plants to shine with occasional weeding and care.

Weed maintenance there are many weeds that grow on our site and we need plenty of hands to help keep them managed.

Miscellaneous Routine and Seasonal Cleaning, and Organizing indoors and out as funds, supplies, and tasks are available.


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