LFF Volunteers

The Local Food Fair, like all of Farmshed programs, relies on the help of volunteers to bring fun and success to the event. In 2018 we had over 100 volunteers spend approximately 600 hours helping make the Local Food Fair a success. Without your support the Fair would not be what it is today. Thank you.


Planning Committee

Committee members are essential to the continual improvement and success of the Local Food Fair. They are passionate about local food and utilizing their skills and connections to bring this event to our community.

2019 Local Food Fair Committee Members:

  • Becky Veldhoff, LFF Facilitator
  • Madison Andropolis
  • Layne Cozzolino
  • Kellen Ferkey
  • Bri Grosskopf
  • Sarah Lakewood
  • Alyssa Morris
  • Megan Munyan
  • Alicia Razvi
  • Amberle Schwartz
  • Stephen Veldhoff

Weekly Volunteers (October – February)

Would you like to help organize the Local Food Fair but can only volunteer for 1-2 hours a week? Consider joining us in October – February and help us with miscellaneous tasks that are essential to the successfulness of the Fair.

Tasks will vary from week to week and may include:

  • Distributing materials: letters, posters, sponsorship letters.
  • Assisting with outreach to exhibitors, sponsors, donors, restaurants
  • Organize online documents in google drive.
  • Help with promotional outreach: facebook posts, marquee requests, calling businesses to promote the fair
  • Odd jobs such as assembling buttons, ironing tablecloths, creating signs, mailing letter, purchasing supplies etc.

If this is something you may be interested in please reach out to us by filling out our pre-volunteer survey and select event coordination or email us at volunteer@farmshed.org.

Day of Volunteers

Volunteer recruitment for the day of the Fair will begin in mid to late January. We will post open volunteer positions as the Fair draws closer. If you are interested in volunteering the day of the event please email volunteer@farmshed.org.


We Believe: 1) Food should be grown in a sustainable manner 2) People should know how to buy, grow, harvest, preserve, and prepare local foods 3) The public should know local farmers 4) Farmers should know who eats their food


Your membership supports our programming as well as our production greenhouse and community kitchen
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