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Sunday, August 6th @  2PM – Nami Moon Farm in Custer*
Nami Moon Farm raises poultry, pork, vegetables and more. Tour the farm with Chris Holman and enjoy free snacks from the farm.

The owner/operators, Maria Davis and Chris Holman, were living in Madison in 2009 when they decided to
become poultry farmers. They eventually established their farm on land owned by Maria’s family in Custer. During the transition they mostly worked in Madison while Maria’s mother helped to take care of the flock when Chris and Maria couldn’t be present on the farm. The schedule for Chris and Maria was to routinely come to the farm on weekends to prepare as much as possible for the coming week.   And they worked long days with little sleep on Tuesdays when they  drove back to the farm to coordinate the butchering and delivery of chickens to their regular customers around Dane County.
By that time they were producing sequential cycles of over 1,500 chickens at a time. As soon as possible they moved from Madison to Custer. Chris was the first to transition to full time work on the farm.  He was teaching the Arabic language at a number of colleges and universities including UW-Madison, but stopped teaching a few years ago. Maria works full time for Patrick Rothfuss, a New York Times best selling author who lives in Stevens Point.
She manages a foundation of his, World Builders, which raises funds for Heifer International, while she also works as many  hours as possible at the farm.
Nami Moon sells primarily to restaurants and at farmers’ markets, but they also sell bulk orders directly from the farm.  They sell a wide variety of products derived from pasture-raised poultry and from pasture-raised, Heritage breed, pork.  At the markets they sell sustainably grown eggs, produce and fruits.

Chris is the district director for the Wisconsin Farmers Union and a Next Generation board member of the  National Farmers Union.   He served in the military and works closely with the Farmer-Veteran Coalition.

During a conversation, Holman talked about his perspective on organic farming.
“This kind of farming is relentless work, and you’re often punished on top of it with crazy weather, bad luck, or just the things that can happen on a farm when you’re trying to keep so many plates spinning. The reward should be financial, but the reality of starting a farm-business means that you tend to cite things like being your own boss, growing a business, and a strong desire to see the business succeed. Some days, though, it’s simply an overwhelming sense of obligation that gets you up and out onto the land. It tends to be the small things that keep me going such funny moments, beautiful days, and sharing that and more with each other and with our customers. The real reward is that you’re a farmer and you’re trying to be the best farmer you can be.”
“The biggest challenges found in this type of farming include planning for financial success, educating consumers, holding on to customers and market access. It’s also challenging to figuring out how to push through nagging injuries and stay healthy.”
“To do this work I depend on research, wisdom from others, farm visits and networking in general.”
“If people in the community would like to know how to support locavore farmers, word of mouth is powerful, so talking about farms in our area is huge.”

The ride-share caravan driving out to Nami Moon farm on August 6th will
leave the parking area at Farmshed headquarters at 1:25 pm.  Call 715-544-4859 for more information.

Tours are free and open to the public.

Nami Moon Farm Address: 600 Oak Rd; Custer, Wisconsin

Carpool & Contact Information:

For everyone who wants to reduce their carbon footprint and would appreciate someome to lead the way for each tour, the departure time for this event leaving from Central Rivers Farmshed parking lot (1220 Briggs Court) will be 1:3-pm to arrive at Nami Moon Farm at 2:00pm for a tour.

If you have any questions please contact either:

Mary G at: maryg@mtc.net


Mary M at: marymaller6@gmail.com or 1-715-544-4859

For information about individual farms refer to your free copy of the Central Wisconsin Farm Fresh Atlas available at Farmshed and elsewhere in central Wisconsin. (Click here for the electronic version of the 2017 Farm Fresh Atlas.)
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