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Saturday, July 22nd @ 2:30PM – Whitefeather Organics in Custer*
Whitefeather Organics is a diverse farm offering CSA shares, eggs, meat (chicken, turkey, pig), tours, workshops, and pizza night! Tour the farm and then have the option to purchase fresh baked pizza.

Whitefeather Organics Address: 2239 Sky View Rd; Custer, Wisconsin

Tours are free and open to the public.

Carpool & Contact Information:

For everyone who wants to reduce their carbon footprint and would appreciate someome to lead the way for each tour, the departure time for this event leaving from Central Rivers Farmshed parking lot (1220 Briggs Court) will be 2:00pm to arrive at Whitefeather Organics for tour followed by the opportunity to buy pizza fresh baked at the farm.

If you have any questions please contact either:

Mary G at: maryg@mtc.net


Mary M at: marymaller6@gmail.com or 1-715-544-4859

About Whitefeather Organics:
There’s an interesting back-story to the farm Laura and Tony have been operating in the sandy hills of Custer since 2006.

Tony grew up in Wisconsin, but as a young man he lived and worked up and down  the west coast.  Living in Oregon Tony discovered, for the first time, outdoor produce markets.   He immediately loved the taste of the food  and was intrigued by the idea that farmers could sell directly to their customers.

To learn to be the best farmer possible he created a job for himself as an itinerant, student-farmer who traveled around the Pacific Northwest offering to work on organic farms as he traveled.

As Tony began to realize more clearly that he wanted to be an organic farmer, he started thinking about going back home to Wisconsin where he remembered the soil was rich and the rains plentiful.  Tony knew his dream to become a farmers “needed to start with healthy soil.”

Another reason the Whitefeathers were attracted to central Wisconsin was that they felt especially heartened to discover the non-profit organization, Farmshed, which was built from the ground up by community volunteers who wanted to invent ways to support an economy that could provide a living wage to local farmers who used sustainable farming practices and, at the same time, build resilience into the local food system.

Since starting their farm 11 years ago, Tony and Laura have worked with other young farmers in a variety of internships and partnerships.  Many of those new farmers have moved off to form successful farms of their own.

Pizza night evolved out of conversations Tony and Laura had with their employees about the advantages of offering Pizza Night on the farm as a way to engage the public in the excitement they feel to be part of the locavore community.  As a result of those conversations Tony and Laura are partnering with Jason Went and his wife Katrina on this project.

The Whitefeathers see the hearth they built for Pizza Night as the gathering place for the community to come together to cross paths and network in ways they wouldn’t’ otherwise do.

To find out more about Pizza Night and the ride-share caravan going out

to Whitefeather’s on July 22nd go to farmshed.org or write to Mary

Grossnickle at maryg@mtc.net or Mary Maller at marymaller6@gmail.com

For information about individual farms refer to your free copy of the Central Wisconsin Farm Fresh Atlas available at Farmshed and elsewhere in central Wisconsin. (Click here for the electronic version of the 2017 Farm Fresh Atlas.)

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