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We organize events, programs, workshops and resources that help support a local food economy.

Each year the MREA hosts The Energy Fair, transforming rural Central Wisconsin into the hot spot for renewable energy, energy efficiency, sustainable food and sustainable living education. The Energy Fair brings over 15,000 attendees together to learn the latest and greatest in clean energy and sustainability, connect with others, and take action towards a more sustainable future. The Energy Fair is the nation’s longest running energy education event of its kind.

See the Pre-Fair Guide for a preview of The Energy Fair line-up:


There will be plenty of offerings for locavores at The Midwest Renewable Energy Association‘s Energy Fair next weekend! Documentaries, 2 workshops by Farmshed and a keynote address by Atina Diffley, author of Turn Here Sweet Corn. Details below.

Included in the cost of admission fair is free admission to five documentary films that will be screened at 6:30 on the evenings of June 19th and 20th. One of those five is a great locavore film included in the line-up: To Make a Farm. The film explores what the future of local food and sustainable agriculture will look like in our world of industrialized agricultural operations owned by multi-national corporations. This beautiful and hopeful documentary explores the lives of five young people who’re decided to become organic farmers. Discussion afterward will be anchored by farmers from two local farms: Nami Moon Farms and Whitefeather Organics. Their perspective as experienced and successful organic farmers will compliment the stories of newbie organic farmers in the film.

Farmshed’s Workshops Include:
“How to Start a Local Food Buying Club” by Farmshed Director Layne Cozzolino. Learn how to organize and work together to support small-scale farms and fill pantries with local product year round. Friday, 3pm in the Purple Tent.
“Beyond Candy Bar Sales – A School Local Food Fundraiser” by Farmshed Board Member Kelly Smith, Staff Krista Engelhardt and AmeriCorps Farm to School Member Olivia Ehlers. Learn how to bring an alternative fundraiser to your school district that will support your local food economy. Saturday, 3pm in the Educator Tent.

Local Food Keynote:
In another locavore event, Atina Diffley, author of Turn Here Sweet Corn, an award winning book published by University of Minnesota Press, will be the keynote speaker at 1 pm on Sunday. Her book gives experienced insight on all aspects of organic farming and how to grow an organic farming business. The book is also a legal thriller about battling mega-polluters, the Koch brothers, and winning. She led a citizens group that used legal strategies to challenge a threat of eminent domain by the fossil fuel company, Koch Industries, to build a crude oil pipeline through farm land in southern Minnesota. One result of the lawsuit was to create an Organic Mitigation Plan to protect the soils and certification of organic farms in Minnesota. It’s the story of a world transformed by organic farming… and reclaimed… one square acre at a time.


We are a community that thrives on locally grown food produced in ways that are good for our health and the health of our land, water, and air


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