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Central Rivers Farmshed’s Growing Collective will be hosting a Plant Sale and Open house! There will be over 3,000 vegetable and herb starts of organic and heirloom varieties. The sale will take place in the newly renovated greenhouses and there will also be tours of the other spaces on the site, including our kitchen and event space! Light refreshments will be offered for this super fun event and Tortuga Express will be onsite selling tacos>>>10% of the proceeds go to Farmshed!

The Sale/Open House will be:

Thursday, May 21: 3pm – 7pm
Friday, May 22: 3pm – 7pm
Saturday, May 23: 9am – 1pm

This is Farmshed’s way of thanking the wonderful community we find ourselves in. It will be a time to recognize the time and resources of our dedicated supporters. Thank you for all that you do!

About the Plant Starts:
The Growing Collective has grown multiple varieties of herbs and vegetables in a sustainable manner that are primarily grown from organically raised seed. Varieties will be available on a first-come, first-served basis. Some of the popular vegetables that will be available include: slicing tomatoes such as Oregon Spring (ripen in cool summers), Pink Brandywine (tart meaty beefsteak averaging around 1 pound each), Soldaki (a good mix of sweetness & tartness, great sandwich tomato), plus 3 additional varieties. Paste tomato varieties include: Amish Paste (meaty with great flavor for cooking, canning or fresh eating), Bellstar (ripen over the entire summer) and Opalka (copious yields with few seeds and do well in hot summers). Varieties of Cherry and Pear tomatoes will also be available, including the Sun Gold Cherry (delicious – tart and sweet at the same time). Many other vegetables in addition to tomatoes will be available, including: 4 types of summer squash, 7 of winter squash, 5 kinds melons, 4 cucumbers both pickling and slicing, 4 pumpkins, 4 greens, 15 of cabbage family including broccoli, kohlrabi & cauliflower, 4 types of eggplants, 11 peppers both hot and sweet and 13 kinds of herbs. EBT/FoodShare/Wisconsin QUEST cards will be accepted for the purchase of food-producing plants during the sale.


We are a community that thrives on locally grown food produced in ways that are good for our health and the health of our land, water, and air


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