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Paul Dietmann, co-author of “Fearless Farm Financials” and Emerging Market Specialist from Badgerland Financial will lead a 2 hour workshop to help farmers develop tools and approaches to decision making about current farm ventures. This workshop is centered on farmers who currently have a business and at least 1-2 farming seasons under their belt (but is applicable to farmers with 10+ years of experience as well).

Paul has a wealth of knowledge as well as financial tools and visions centered on CSAs, small scale diversified farms, farm-to-table operations, direct marketing operations and other alternative farm ventures. Topics such as cashflow planning, basic short term and long term planning, and understanding profitability over time using basic record keeping will be covered.

We will also focus on farm investment analysis and financing: How we decide whether or not to make an investment in a piece of equipment, a building, or land? And how do we decide between two or three different investments if we can only afford one of them? Paul will also answer questions regarding specific situations you are having to help figure out how to address individual financial goals and farmers will learn from each other. Additionally, farmers can stay briefly after the presentation to continue the conversation, and if desired, form a group or groups to continue to reflect on financial goals in the future.

How to prepare: The more specific questions and needs you have the better. Use this workshop as a way to sit down and think about your farms strengths and weaknesses and big decisions you are making finically and otherwise over the next year.

What to bring with you: Specific questions on current investment or farm decisions, current farm financial statements if desired, specific numbers or values of investments you are looking at.

Cost: $15 per person or $20 per farm (2 attendees maximum per farm).

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Thanks to Kat Becker of Stoney Acres Farm for helping organize this workshop!


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