Central Rivers Farmshed

We organize events, programs, workshops and resources that help support a local food economy.

Come one, come all to our first Volunteer Orientation! If you’ve never had a chance to volunteer, or just want to know about more opportunities, join us on Friday Jan. 30 from 3-5 or Saturday Feb. 7 from 10-12.
We will give a tour and information about Farmshed’s history in the community, cover the big events the we run such as Local Food Fair, EBT at the Farmer’s Market, and more! Then afterwards you can stick around for a pot luck dinner/lunch.
This is not a required orientation and you don’t have to sign up, it’s simply a way for everyone to get a better idea of how to contribute their time to Farmshed. We’ll be having another orientation in April and September.
Contact us at info@farmshed.org for more information! ( :


We are a community that thrives on locally grown food produced in ways that are good for our health and the health of our land, water, and air


Farmshed connects you with central Wisconsin family and cooperatively owned farms and businesses
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