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Do you want to fill your cellars/pantries/freezers with local goodness throughout the year? We are inviting people to learn more about a new community initiative to bulk purchase from local farmers that includes the option to community process foods in the Farmshed kitchen.

This idea is in the early phases of development and needs input and action from interested community members willing to make it happen. We have done some of the legwork; thinking through first year options, working with the Farmer Advisory Board to understand logistics from the farmers end; but now we need more input from those who would make this project spring into in action.

The intention is to inspire participation from people at all places on the food spectrum, learning from one another and sharing the kitchen experience. Think about it, more hands means lighter work.

Have we sparked your interest? Please attend an info session on December 11th or 16th at 6pm to learn more and see how you can get involved. Before attending, please take the short survey below and tell us about your interests in this concept.




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