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There are many reasons to think about raising rabbits.  They are one of the easiest and most efficient animals to raise for meat, especially if space is a limitation.  Rabbits love to eat many kinds of “weeds” and turn them into nutrient dense fertilizer, making them excellent nutrient cycling companions to a homestead garden.  Rabbit meat is one of the most nutritious, higher in protein per weight than most meats and low in cholesterol.  When fed a diet of organic rabbit pellets, hay, and greens they have all the benefits of larger grass-fed meats.  Rabbit fur can also be used for making clothing like mittens, slippers, and hats.

Liberation Farmers raises heritage rabbits for meat for their family table and for small commercial sales through a Meat CSA, direct sales to local restaurants, and at the farmers market.  Their homestead rabbitry includes cages that house the adult rabbits and open ground pens for groups of young rabbits.  They produce about 200 rabbits per year.

This workshop will cover how Liberation Farmers raise rabbits, including:
Housing for adults
Feeding and watering
Breeding rabbits and kindling (having baby rabbits)
Ground pens and shelters for growing rabbits
Butchering on and off farm
Marketing rabbits
Using rabbit manure in the garden

How rabbits fit into the bigger picture on the farm

Meet your host:
John Sheffy co-operates Liberation Farmers LLC, a permaculture enterprise based in Almond, Wisconsin.  The Liberation Farmer Front is the permaculture homestead and commercial farm that is focused on perennial crops and heritage animals.  John has worked in several African countries over the past 15 years on agroforestry projects including school and urban food forests, shade-grown coffee and cacao farms, and large-scale dryland silvo-pasture.  He believes everyone should plant a food forest in their neighborhood.

The fee for this workshop is $30 for members and $35 for non-members. Registration is required in order to attend. Please register today by clicking here.

We have partial or full scholarships available. Apply today by clicking here.

Participants can attend the On Farm Raising Goats and On Farm Raising Rabbits for Meat Workshops. Both workshops are being hosted on Sunday October 2nd. There is an hour break between workshops from 12 pm to 1 pm for lunch. Please bring a pack lunch and drinks. Snacks will be provided by Liberation Farmers.


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