Winter Farmers’ Market Bylaws and Application for Membership

The Stevens Point Area Winter Farmers’ Market is held at Redeemer Lutheran Church, 900 Brilowski Rd, Stevens Point, WI 54482.

The Winter Farmers’ Market is a space for producers and consumers to interact and be a part of an initiative to grow the local food economy in the Stevens Point area.

Step 1: Are you eligible to vend at the Winter Market?

The Stevens Point Area Winter Farmers Market is operating as a producer-only market.  To qualify as a vendor for the Winter Farmers Market an individual or group may only sell products that they produce or helped produce in partnership with a local farmer.  The products must be source identified within 100 miles of the Market (for exceptions see Bylaws section 2.4.1).

The sale of hobbyware, art objects, all types of crafts, and live animals is prohibited, unless authorized by the board.

Step 2: Review the Bylaws 

To become a (vendor) Member of the Market, a producer must thoroughly read the Bylaws before submitting an “Application for Membership,” proof of insurance, all license and permits, and the membership fee (interested weekly vendors see Bylaws section

The membership fees provide the basis for a self-sustaining market and pays for rent, utilities, and snow removal at Redeemer Lutheran Church.  Any additional funds, will be spent promoting the market and on community programming that attracts customers.  Grants and sponsorships to help with initial costs are also being sought by the committee.

The bylaws for the Winter Market have been determined by the 2016/17 Stevens Point Area Winter Farmers’ Market members with input from Farmshed and the Redeemer Lutheran Church Staff.    

Winter Market communication including questions and comments can be directed to

Step 3: Apply to be a Winter Market Member

Step 4: Gather Additional Application Materials

  • Proof of insurance
  • Any licenses/permits that are required by law for your products

Step 5: Mail Application, Additional Materials, and Membership Fee by September 15th:

Central Rivers Farmshed
1220 Briggs Court
Stevens Point, WI 54481

Late applications will be accepted but assessed a $25.00 late fee

Step 6: Member Approval

Once approved to be a Member, you will be contacted by a member of the Stevens Point Area Winter Farmers’ Market and arrangements to sell will be made. If the Market is full or you are not accepted, you will receive a letter in the mail and your membership fee will be returned.



We Believe: 1) Food should be grown in a sustainable manner 2) People should know how to buy, grow, harvest, preserve, and prepare local foods 3) The public should know local farmers 4) Farmers should know who eats their food


Your membership supports our community programming as well as our production greenhouse, community kitchen, gathering space, and learning center.
3/31/18 - Stevens Point Area Winter Farmers' Market
Redeemer Lutheran Church, Stevens Point Wisconsin
4/3/18 - Growing Collective Planning Meeting
Central Rivers Farmshed, Stevens Point WI
4/7/18 - Stevens Point Area Winter Farmers' Market
Redeemer Lutheran Church, Stevens Point Wisconsin