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Salvation Army Hope Center Meals

Since 2008, Farmshed volunteers have been providing potluck-style meals at the Salvation Army Hope Center, only homeless shelter in Portage County. This opportunity ensures that those in need have access to fresh, local foods (as seasonally available!). Each month, we offer a sign-up via Google Docs for willing volunteers to donate food, as ingredients or prepared dishes, and/or to prepare serve the meal at the Hope Center. We provide a basic menu template each month but welcome the creativity of our volunteers! Our aim is to provide a well-rounded meal including protein, starch, vegetable and dessert to serve approximately 40 people.

Drinks are provided by the Hope Center. Volunteers start prepping the meal at 3:30pm, so we ask that all ingredient donations get dropped off before or at that time. Dinner is served promptly at 5:30, so we ask volunteers to drop off prepared dishes by 5:15 at the latest. Residents typically serve the meal, though we do help out if an extra pair of hands are needed. We are welcome to share dinner with the residents so long as there is enough food to go around, and the evening concludes by 6:30. We don’t even have to do dishes!

The volunteer-led monthly meal service occurs every third Monday of the month. For email updates on the monthly meal theme and for more specific questions, you can contact Eric Olson at


1) Locally grown food tastes better. 2) Local food preserves genetic diversity. 3) Local produce is better for you. 4) Local food from small farms is often GMO-free. 5) Local food supports local farm families. 6) Local food builds community. 7) Local food preserves open space. 8) Local food keeps your taxes in check. 9) Local food supports a clean environment and benefits worldwide. 10) Local food is about the future.


The Greenhouse Project, an all-encompassing revitalization of the former Sorenson’s Garden Center. The 35,000 square foot future community food center, which is centrally located in Stevens Point, will house an 11,000 square foot production greenhouse, community kitchen, gathering space, and learning center.
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