Stevens Point Area Winter Farmers’ Market

Thank you for your interest in the Stevens Point Area Winter Farmers’ Market (the Winter Market)!  As a seller or a shopper, we welcome your participation and hope to see you there often.

The Winter Market will return Saturday, November 4th at Redeemer Lutheran Church in Stevens Point (with the exception of Thanksgiving (11/25/17) and Christmas (12/23/17)).  

The Winter Market serves as an outlet for Wisconsin-produced, homegrown items. Sample items include fruits, vegetables, meats, cheese, eggs, bakery products, cider, maple syrup, honey, sorghum, fresh and dried flowers, herbs, houseplants, jams and jellies, pickles and other prepared and preserved food products.  

Vendors Featured at the 2016/17 Winter Market! (last updated 5/5/17, check back often)

The Winter Market is intended to give growers and producers of goods and consumers an opportunity to deal directly with each other, rather than through third parties. It is an outlet for the growers or producers of very small quantities of eligible products as well as for larger quantities. This Winter Market has been created for the reasons above as well as to enhance the local food community of the Stevens Point Area.  

Chef C’s Munchie Mobile will return at the beginning of the 2017-18 Winter Market Season (November 4th)!

Market Organizers – The bylaws for the Winter Market have been determined by the Farmshed Farmer Advisory Board (Advisory Board) with input from Farmshed and Redeemer Lutheran Church Staff as well as input from a week-long community survey which received more than 500 responses.  

In future years, a Farmshed Winter Market By-law Committee of (vendor) Members will be formed to direct the Winter Market or a formal cooperative structure outside of Farmshed will be developed.  

Interested vendors – click HERE for the Stevens Point Area Winter Farmers’ Market Bylaws and Applications for Members Page.


1) Locally grown food tastes better. 2) Local food preserves genetic diversity. 3) Local produce is better for you. 4) Local food from small farms is often GMO-free. 5) Local food supports local farm families. 6) Local food builds community. 7) Local food preserves open space. 8) Local food keeps your taxes in check. 9) Local food supports a clean environment and benefits worldwide. 10) Local food is about the future.


The Greenhouse Project, an all-encompassing revitalization of the former Sorenson’s Garden Center. The 35,000 square foot future community food center, which is centrally located in Stevens Point, will house an 11,000 square foot production greenhouse, community kitchen, gathering space, and learning center.
6/24/17 - Market Events
Stevens Point Farmers’ Market, Stevens Point WI
7/1/17 - Market Events
Stevens Point Farmers’ Market, Stevens Point WI
7/1/17 - Chef on the Square - Emy J's
Stevens Point Farmers’ Market, Stevens Point WI