We Organize

Events, programs, workshops and resources that help support a local food economy.

We Organize:

Events, programs, workshops and resources that help support a local food economy.

Together with our dedicated community members and partners, we organize a variety of programming focused on educating different facets of our community about local food and sustainable agriculture.  Food touches us all, everyone must eat, so together we work  to make connections between people and their food by taking action and teach those around us about sustainable, local food systems in ways that directly impact their behaviors.

Farmshed in the Community

Central Wisconsin Farm Fresh Atlas™ is an annual publication showcasing the best in local farms and food in Central Wisconsin, highlighting our thriving local food economy.

Salvation Army Hope Center Meals is the only homeless shelter in Portage County.  Each month volunteers source and donate ingredients and prepare a meal, ensuring that those in-need have access to fresh, local foods.

Farmer Tribute Dinner invites the Farm Fresh Atlas producers to dine on a locally sourced meal in celebration of the harvest.  Community members attend and sponsor the farmers meal as a tribute to their hard work.

Local Food Fair is our premier outreach event, bringing together producers, consumers, local businesses, and educators to celebrate community and the food that’s grown within it.

Farmshed at The Greenhouse Project:

Community Potluck Series is a monthly themed dinner that invites community members to join each other for great food and conversation.  Bring a small dish to pass and meet others with similar interests!

Growing Community Workshop Series lends educational opportunities to a variety of community members, from the novice gardener or cook to the more experienced farmer, offering something for everyone.

Growing Collective is a group of Farmshed members who are working cooperatively to grow seedlings for their own gardens, the Giving Gardens program, and for our community.

Farmshed at the Market:

Chef on the Square partners with our area’s best chefs to showcase live to market goers how to cook and prepare foods from scratch using fresh seasonal produce.  This takes place on the 1st Thursday of each month in Wisconsin Rapids and the 1st Saturday in Stevens Point.

EBT at the Market is a wireless machine at the Stevens Point and Wisconsin Rapids market that enables FoodShare participants to purchase foods from local producers.

Educational Partnerships with local businesses and organizations to bring seasonal recipes, kids activities, and local food resources.

Farmshed and the Schools:

Farm to School connects schools (K-12) with sustainable agriculture, food system and nutrition education, and helps create and maintain school gardens.

Local Food Fundraiser raises awareness of local food, supports local producers, and educates families on local food systems and supporting the local economy.



1) Locally grown food tastes better. 2) Local food preserves genetic diversity. 3) Local produce is better for you. 4) Local food from small farms is often GMO-free. 5) Local food supports local farm families. 6) Local food builds community. 7) Local food preserves open space. 8) Local food keeps your taxes in check. 9) Local food supports a clean environment and benefits worldwide. 10) Local food is about the future.


The Greenhouse Project, an all-encompassing revitalization of the former Sorenson’s Garden Center. The 35,000 square foot future community food center, which is centrally located in Stevens Point, will house an 11,000 square foot production greenhouse, community kitchen, gathering space, and learning center.
6/24/17 - Market Events
Stevens Point Farmers’ Market, Stevens Point WI
7/1/17 - Market Events
Stevens Point Farmers’ Market, Stevens Point WI
7/1/17 - Chef on the Square - Emy J's
Stevens Point Farmers’ Market, Stevens Point WI