LFF Chef Competition

The FOOD and CHEF Competition

Local Chefs will try their hand at creating a one of a kind potato dish unique to their style along with a friendly competition to see whose dish is best with more points for using local ingredients. Would you like to join the 2019 Competition? Fill out this brief interest form and we will be in touch.

2018 Farm to Fork  Chef Competitors

The Oven Above the Pub serving Thrice Baked Deviled Skin Egg
Thrive Foodery serving Local Mashed Potato with Blackened Beef Tenderloin
The Main Grain Bakery serving Artisanal Toast
The Cottage Cafe serving Loaded Potato Soup
Great Expectations serving Potatoes au Fromage Bleu
Emy J’s serving Sweet and Savory Hashbrowns
On Point Catering – UWSP serving The OnPoint SpudNut
The Iron Grille serving Belgian Rosemary Potato Waffle with Bourbon Barrel Blueberry Maple Syrup
Sweet Thyme serving Vegan Savory Baked Oven Fries with Nacho Cheese
Rock N Roll Cafe serving Picadillo de Papas
Muse serving Sweet Pea Gnocchi 
PJ’s serving “Loaded Potato” Bismarck Donuts


We Believe: 1) Food should be grown in a sustainable manner 2) People should know how to buy, grow, harvest, preserve, and prepare local foods 3) The public should know local farmers 4) Farmers should know who eats their food


Your membership supports our programming as well as our production greenhouse and community kitchen
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