Who are we?

Farmshed is made up of community members, a small staff, board of directors, and farmer advisors

Who Are We?

Farmshed is made up of community members, a small staff, board of directors, and farmer advisors who care about local food, the environment, and our community.  They share concerns about the current food system, are willing to take action, are motivated to change the way we relate to our food, and are working hard to connect the dots so that everyone knows where their food comes from.

Over the years, we have found that good ideas for social change come a dime a dozen. Often it is spending the time to make them a reality that is the challenge.  We try to motivate idea-makers, helping them think through the process before taking their idea to the next level. This is how all of our programming comes to fruition: community members with good ideas and the willingness to put in the time and energy to make them reality.

Therefore, our organization was built on the “puppy” principle, which can easily be explained like this: we’ve all wanted a puppy, but the realities of having one often leads us to think long and hard about whether we are ready for the commitment.  We believe deciding to run new programming needs the same consideration.


Layne Cozzolino

  • Executive Director –  Layne Cozzolino
  • layne@farmshed.org

  • Program Coordinator –  Krista Engelhardt
  • krista@farmshed.org

Greg Petz

  •  Kitchen Coordinator – Greg Petz
  • greg@farmshed.org

  • Local Food Buying Club Coordinator – Fabian Bogdan
  • lfbuyingclub@farmshed.org

Marshfield Clinic AmeriCorps Member





  • Volunteer Coordinator – Jackie Mather
  • volunteer@farmshed.org

Graduate Assistant

  • Megan Munyan


  • Local Food Tastes Great Fundraiser/Workshops – Kinsey Mathsen
  • Kitchen – Lindsay Steig
  • Compost – MarKatie Mealy
  • Farmers Market – Abby Davis

Board of Directors:

  • Barb Brewster – Chair
  • Mary Grossnickle – Vice Chair
  • Heath Stoltz – Treasurer
  • Allison Lindquist – Secretary
  • Annie Wetter
  • Layne Cozzolino
  • Maria Davis
  • Nick Inman
  • Paul Kurth
  • Stephen Hittner
  • Tony Whitefeather

Farmer Advisors:

  • Chris Holman (Nami Moon Farms)
  • Joel Kuehnhold (Lonely Oak Farm)
  • John Sheffy (Liberation Farm/Community Coffee)
  • Maria Davis (Nami Moon Farms)
  • Randy Cutler (Cutler Country Comfort)
  • Tommy Enright (Black Rabbit Farm)
  • Tony Miller (Whitefeather Organics)


  • Nick Hylla
  • Chris Malek
  • John Sheffy
  • Jeremy Solin
  • Jasia Steinmetz

How Can You Get Involved?

Farmshed is open to all who are interested.

When does the Board of Directors meet?

The Farmshed Board meets bi-monthy on the last Wednesday of the month (Jan, Mar, May, July, Sept, Nov) at 6:30pm.  Board meetings are held at 1220 Briggs Court, Stevens Point and are open to the public.


We Believe: 1) Food should be grown in a sustainable manner 2) People should know how to buy, grow, harvest, preserve, and prepare local foods 3) The public should know local farmers 4) Farmers should know who eats their food


Your membership supports our community programming as well as our production greenhouse, community kitchen, gathering space, and learning center.
8/19/17 - United Health Care Community Plan Kids Activities
Stevens Point Farmers’ Market, Stevens Point WI
8/26/17 - Portage County Giving Gardens Outreach
Stevens Point Farmers’ Market, Stevens Point WI
8/27/17 How to Make Your Own Baby Food Workshop
Central Rivers Farmshed, Stevens Point WI